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Are freckles on/in your bikini area normal? ?

(SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY) Im 23 and female. This maybe TMI/graphic but hopefully anyone else wondering about this can get answers too. So it was brought to my attention by my partner that i have freckles on my labia minora and around my anus. They're all flat, some are dark/almost black and other tan and shades of brown. A variety of sizes from pin prick to half of a pencile eraser. I don't really have freckles on the outside maybe a few but nothing like my face or arms which have too many to count. When I looked it up of course everything said cancer, but i do have a lot of freckles on my face and a arms. Is this a normal thing? Anyone else have them? Am i just being paranoid? 

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    SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY, I do not have the energy to be sarcastic right now. Why are you asking on this site? My guess is you get off by posting about your labia and anus. If not, SEE YOUR DOCTOR! 

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