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Should we just clean the kitchen ourselves? ?

My boyfriend and I are renting a room from his friend for $400 a month. We have a bathroom that’s sort of shared but not all the time so it’s mostly ours. His roommates are slobs. They don’t usually clean but maybe once a month. The kitchen is the only spot that is usually the most clean and even at that it’s still bad. The last week they’ve not been cleaning it at all. My boyfriend and I hardly use any room in this house except our own. If we do use the kitchen we clean up after ourselves right away. We do not leave a mess. The sink is filled and the oven is trashed. We don’t know if the dishwasher is clean or dirty. We don’t want to complain and “rock the boat.” What do we do? 


Our roommates are my boyfriends friend and his friends girlfriend.

Update 2:

We only plan to stay with them until November or December of this year anyway. Do we just deal with it until then or should we say something?

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    Given you have 5/6 months remaining at this residence, you and your boyfriend decide if you can continue live in the current conditions or will your overall wellbeing be impacted.  It is not inappropriate or uncommon to ask for communal areas to remain clean, so think about what is best for you.  Weigh up the benefits and the risks, and act accordingly.

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    i would just ask them to help you since they live there too

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