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Does the United States army offer a free haircut, shave, and complimentary meal when ever you wish?

I hate shaving and cutting my hair, and i love free food. I have been thinking about joining the army just based on this alone.


How is this a troll question?? There are millions of people who hate shaving, cutting their hair, and enjoying free food am i right?

Update 2:

Edit: The army will never shave you? I remember seeing movies were they shaved all soldiers with a Straight knife/Razor.

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    You get food when it's available, not whenever you wish. No one is going to shave you. And shaving supplies and haircuts you have to pay for. Even that first boot camp haircut.

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    Haircut, on base, is $11.60 plus tip.

    Food is more expensive at the open mess.

    Even razors are expensive at the BX.

    There is no free lunch!!

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    The army will never shave you.

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    I believe that they provide meals and an initial haircut.

    But ongoing I think you're expected to take care of your own grooming.

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