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Mama rabbit ate her babies, only one survived with only 1 leg. What should i do? ?

My girlfriend has bunnies and the female got pregnant and ate her babies (she’s done this three times now) this time there was one survivor so she quickly removed it. She set the mama and baby out she said she was sick of the mama doing this. Me being an animal lover couldn’t let the baby die alone outside. I brought the baby rabbit in, cleaned it in the sink and made it a little nest in a plastic bowl i have. I heated up some of my girlfriends breast milk since she is breastfeeding and fed it to the baby and it seemed to like it. I don’t have the heart to put it down, but should i for its own good? What kind of life is it for a rabbit with only 1 leg? She also ate its ears off.. Will it even survive if i keep feeding it breast milk? 

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    You are prolonging it’s suffering. How about keeping mama away from males.

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    don't allow the rabbit to breed any more fix her,,,,, for the tiny baby it needs to be put down the legs and feet are a huge part of survial for rabbits to hop with run with and kick the fire out of things the ears are also important since they are used to hear things with,, detect movements tell what direction the winds going and other uses best to carry to your vet and allow them to let the baby go in peace. Sorry.

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