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Is He Gaslighting Me?

I've been talking to a guy multiple times a day for months. He got married 6 months ago. He said he could've married me but I didn't want to. 

He flirts with me and even said he wants to get a divorce. He said when he's not with her anymore he will want to be with me.

 When I told him I like him he did a 180 on me. Saying I'd be using him for his money and his wife doesn't.

I said you're the one who said you want to get a divorce and she is giving you a hard time.

He called me 10 times today and I did not answer. I won't call him back tomorrow. Will see if I answer the phone tomorrow when he calls.

Him and I have the same social circle. We live by each other also. I'm not sure if I want to continue my friendship with him.

I think he likes me or he wouldn't be trying to contact me.

How would you handle this situation if you were me?

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    He sounds like a real low life to me and the fact that he likes you should mean nothing except that you have low self-esteem if you don't care that you are "the other woman" just because he talks to you. If you have problems in your life the fact that you think the way you do is probably at the root of a lot of them. Change your thinking, change your life!

  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    Doesn't matter what HE'S doing, you're the one allowing it to happen. Stop communicating with him and this will stop. 

  • Nat
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    1 month ago

    He's a moron. You're an idiot for even trying to pursue this weird relationship. Literally nothing good is going to come from this. Just leave this whole situation alone. He's not "gaslighting" he's using you, and to be honest, probably wouldn't care if you died tomorrow. 

    But let's talk about you. Your self-esteem isn't great. I imagine you go after guys that are either mean to you, taken, geographically far away, or have some other major obstacle preventing you from entering a serious relationship that will actually last, because you don't think you're lovable. I used to be like you too. But it's time to get therapy, and it's time to grow up. 

  • tammy
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    1 month ago

    Do better leave this jerk alone.

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    I would never be in a situation like yours.

  • 1 month ago

    In life we never wanted to make a small sacrifice

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    I'd tell him to stop trying to take up so much of my time and give it to his wife instead. And then leave him to the answering machine when he calls. He's not "gaslighting" you. He's just lying to you for his own ego and entertainment. 

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