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What to do about chronic constipation?

The past year I had chronic constipation. I tried every diet change, stool softeners, laxatives, suppositories, enemas, etc. Recently I was unable to go for 3 weeks. I loaded myself with miralax, a bunch of stool softeners and enemas. Nothing came out except gas bubbles. Than this morning I woke up with a heavy urge to go so I go to the toilet. I had this horrible diarrhea that filled up a 7 inch toilet in 1 minute. I spent 10 minutes just pooping everything out.

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    Your could have an intermittent(infrequent)bowel blockage(obstruction) that allows some discharge but not all at a given time. If you have medical insurance, you need to request your doctor refer you to a Gastroenterologist(digestion specialist)who may need to perform a colonoscopy to look inside your colon for clues why you have such varied bowel troubles. The doctor may first have you drink a swallow of Barium and view the movement of the barium  from your throat , down your esophagus and into your stomach. It is more likely that the colonoscopy will allow the doctor to view inside of your colon. An endoscope with camera on a long tube will view the inside of the colon to aid in a diagnosis. It appears that a more- involved examination of your colon will be required to learn whether your colon is passing digested waste into your rectum to be held for bowel movements. The rectum is really a holding tank of digested food awaiting a bowel movement. I can understand your reluctance to try another laxative. The Gastroenterology  counsel recommends Ducolax laxative. If you have not yet tried the latest Ducolax Liquid(new chewable pieces of this medicine are available, but may not be on pharmacy shelves until later). Ducolax says you can have a bowel movement in 30 minutes to 6 hours. I tried Ducolax Liquid twice and had a complete bowel movement in one hour. The liquid is mint-flavored and tastes OK. I add one tablespoon of chocolate syrup to the bottle of the laxative that greatly improves the taste.

    Good Luck.


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