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Depressed after break up?

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    It is totally 100% normal to be depressed after a breakup!  What it means is that your next relationship will go better!  Because you've learned from your mistake.  Hopefully.

    You're probably better off without him!  But there's another great guy coming.  Just have faith in yourself.

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    do something enjoyable. go on youtube, call up a buddy for a talk, go for a run, play with your hobby. Do anything just to take your mind off that person.

    There are billions of girls and guys in the world. Sorry I do not know your gender.

    Be thankful you are still breathing and alive. look at the flowers and the bees and the butterflies in the park and the go to the beach and be happy.

    or go to study for just a short while. drink a coca cola.

    sorry it did not work out. Something better is coming your way. claim it....

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