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Why is it ok for women to say sexist things but men can't?

Women can say whatever they want about men, like we're all pigs and we're only about sex. I had a female instructor in college who once went on for ten minutes about how horrible men are. I said something about her to the dean and she tried to get me expelled. Women lie cheat and steal just like men do. They manipulate and look for sex just like men. Why is it we are prohibited from doing the same things  they do?

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    It has its roots in our childhood from the 1960s onward. Since then girls are taught they come first, their needs are important, and boys will hurt them. Boys are taught to be second, their needs aren't as important and to "respect" girls. (Even though this respect is not mutual). That's why women can belittle men as comedy. But men belittling women is evil misogyny. Don't believe me? Tell a joke to the average American woman about cutting a women's breasts off for infidelity versus telling a joke about cutting a man's penis off for infidelity. Neither is funny, but i bet the latter will get some laughs.

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    Because deep down society believes that women are inferior and overly-sensitive, and that men are tough and just don't have emotions.

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    This apparently happened at a college, not in the real world. One takes his/her life/reputation/future in their hands when they step onto a university campus these days. Perhaps COVID-19 will improve the postsecondary educational experience if it results in more distance learning and less time inside indoctrination factories. 

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    It’s prejudiced against men, not sexist against men.

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  • Because we live in a female supremacist society

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