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Why George Mullin's Fourth Of July No-Hitter In 1912 Not Just The Ultimate Title Of Detroit Tigers' First No-Hitter Ever But What?

The First Instance Of A Major League Baseball No-Hitter (Or Perfect Game) On The Fourth Of July (Independence Day, United States Of America) In History And As Of 2020 Another Modern Day Major League Baseball Pitcher Would Pitched A 4th Of July No-Hitter Like Really Really Soon


Let's Face It During Major League Baseball's Fourth Of July Festivities A Pitcher Wanted A No-Hitter Like So Bad On Fourth Of July And If You Going Back To George Mullin In 1912 No Even Greg Maddux, Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax Or Clayton Kershaw Would Potentially Completed A 4th Of July No-Hitter 

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    That's very Deserving Back then for having Great Day.

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