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Dog thinks parrots are friends?

Our 8 year old dog treats our two parrots as his "friends" even through he'd rather eat them. He grew with them and even when they're out of the cage he never tries to hunt them. How is it possible that a dog can like parrots?

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    There are so many stories about animals who have unlikely friendships. One is about a gorilla who befriended a kitten. The gorilla used sign language to communicate and "named" the kitten, "All Ball":

    Another interesting story is about a crow who cared for a kitten, like it was its own:

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    This is a video of unusual animal friends:

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    In many instances it may be assumed an animal picks up on the way the human sees the other animal, and realizes the animal is part of the family. But, as you can see in many of the above instances, there is not a human to copy. Who knows why these animals become friends? But, it truly is cute and heart-warming!

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