Unsafe fitness center, what to do?

I am very concerned. My friend who is extensively certified to teach group fitness and barre fitness classes just had to leave a job because of such a lack of professionalism and a large amount of incompetence on behalf of the owner/lead instructor. This individual has a single obscure barre certification, but nothing more. She instructed her staff to watch and "learn from" several videos found online which were obviously unsafe and ineffective practices of fitness. She has now begun advertising that she is offering barre certifications. I am incredibly concerned that someone will get injured due to her incompetence. The only other instructor has a pre-med biology degree and no other training or certifications that are fitness related. As a former dancer, I am appalled at this organization, and largely fear for the health and safety of the individuals attending these classes. What can I do? How can I address this issue and shut down the center or discredit her business? I don't mean this to be an attack on her, but she is vastly unqualified and is being deceitful in her capabilities, which can lead to injury.

Also, my friend who shortly worked there, told me that employees do not sign any contracts and are paid out of her personal pocket, unofficially through Apple Pay, and not from the organization. 

Please help!

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