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laptop for school and minecraft?

im literally so indecisive & out of the loop of tech, i cant decide what to get for school- right now i am using a chromebook and it sucks *** bc its so limited and i cant do jack with it. all i will ever do is do school work and play minecraft or like other computer games, im probably going to use it for a a few years, budget like 700-900ish. any tips or ideas?

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    1 month ago

    Chromebooks are not designed for 'gaming'. I would suggest Razor laptops, but there are other options out there, such as ASUS, HP, Acer, and Lenovo. The only problem with laptops, however, is the poor thermals. This can be avoided if you use a laptop cooling pad.

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    Alienware by Dell is an excellent gaming computer and have heard of it being used for work. Would never recommend Samsung as the batteries go to shits on all of their products. HP's are very durable but not the coolest gaming device... I'll update in a minute with the price of an Alienware.

    Update. The Dell g-series gaming computer starts at around $800. Alienware models start a little higher at around the top of your budget. Please let me know what you decide.

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