Why wont my Acer laptop come on?

No trouble with powersupply. I turned in on to standby earlier but now it just wont come back on. Above the green light which shows it is connected to power is another green light flashing,every few seconds. How can I turn it back on, this spare one has other


After a while, the upper green light stopped flashing and the laptop turned on when button pressed. Normally when laptop is off but connected to power, just the lower green light is on, [continuous], and when on, both lights are on [continuous], but when in this state, lower light was on continuous and upper flashed every few seconds. I think I may have activated some kind of time-lock. Perhaps someone could inform me so I can prevent recurrence, or how to get it out of this state if it does.

1 Answer

  • David
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Disconnect the power supply and the battery if removable. Press the start button a few times then reconnect the battery and charger. Then try again. If no better repeat the same process but remove the bottom cover and this time remove the coin shaped CMOS battery for 10mins. Then reassemble. 

    If no better take it to a tech.

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