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How to overcome childhood trauma/ sensitivity to certain situations? ?

I’m a college student and for the most part I’m pretty happy with my life. I work and pay my bills, I have a girlfriend who is the love of my life and I have a mom and a brother that currently support me. 

However I have childhood trauma and get triggered when situations reoccur. 

I had an alcoholic father that made me feel insecure and i didn’t have a happy childhood/ended up being reclusive from people. He almost killed me driving home drunk as out of his mind twice and I was bullied many times because I smelled like cigarettes from my dad’s house and didn’t socialize much. I later moved to my mom’s and I gained confidence through therapy and sports/school activities that later pushed me through life and now I have a somewhat stable situation. 

Long story short, I just get triggered at situations when I see some people happy with their family and I randomly get angry/jealous/sad on the inside. For example, last month a coworker of mine got this promotion and there was a celebration at a restaurant. Nothing too crazy but he is kind of competitive and arrogant. He had his family/Dad cheering him on as a “high achieving son.” I walked off after the first 30 minutes bc I couldn’t stand thinking about that experience. A combination of seeing him with a supportive family made me feel empty with almost a reason I can’t explain. 

People would say “stop being so sensitive” but I just can’t help the thoughts. Any thoughts are helpful, I just want to change this thought pattern. 

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