Why does feminist use the word ‘biological male’ instead of transgender women ?

When describing an abuser they say stuff like ‘a transgender women (biological male) has been jailed for attacking his partner (biological male).’ They don’t see ‘transgender women’ as women. When indeed they are women 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No, they're biological males. Woman is an adult human female.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I find the opposite.   Feminists seem to want people to believe that men who say they identify as female are actually female.   

  • Bill
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Because they're men and not women. Hormonal imbalance is a medical condition, not something that causes you to switch genders regardless if it happens intentionally or by natural causes. Cutting up your genitals to look like the opposite genders genitals just makes you a freak and a moron, not the opposite gender. 

    Hell, it's not even a penis or vagina that you're making. The clitoris can't get erect due to missing the anatomy for that function. It can get engorged with blood, but that's it. Inverting the penis doesn't create a vagina, but just an inverted penis. The way a penis operates and the way a vagina operate are not the same and simply cutting a penis up and creating a hole for it to rest in doesn't make a vagina. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    There are two main schools of feminism.  Liberal feminists and radical feminists.  There are quite a lot of differences to their general philosophy and outlook.  It's the radical feminists who stress that transwomen are males performing stereotypical female traits.  Within this framework there are still differences of opinion in how women ought to classify such biological males ranging from admittance for some into the female sphere, to outright declaring a 3rd gender class who need to carve out their own social niche, to rejecting the idea entirely and treating it as a mental illness.  There is no hive mind on the issue.

    And now we come to crux of the matter with the trans debate.  Sex and gender are two different things.  One is written into your very cells, each and every one, and cannot be changed.  This is sex.  The other is gender which is how a sex is expected to act in order to socially signal that they belong to that sex.  Gender expression varies through space and time and can be manipulated to sometimes allow a member of the other sex to "cross over." 

    A vocal part of the trans community and their hangers on (and I'm not convinced that they speak for the majority with severe dysphoria who have been renamed "truscum" for conforming to gender norms too well) want everyone else to pretend that sex and gender are the same thing when they're not.  Anyone thinking through the logical consequences of pretending otherwise can see the problem.  So, tell me this, if you are a transgendered person diagnosed with cancer and there are two treatment options open, a drug which has an 87% success rate for your actual sex but virtually no effect on the gender you're performing, and another treatment with a 50/50 chance of a beating the cancer into remission but also requires extensive surgery which one are you going to choose?  Be honest with yourself here.

    In your example the radical feminists are pointing out a few things.  This social woman still developed with a male's body.  Even after taking HRT her bone densuty will be that of a male's and she is still likely to have greater upper body strength than an XX natal woman.  Therefore the damage the transwoman could do to the partner is greater.  The TW is likely to have been socialized as a male which means that the threshold before committing violence is lower, part of which stems from confidence in that innate strength.  The dynamics of the fight are not the same, they are more like the dynamics of two people of the same sex.  This makes the TW not suitable to serve time in a women's prison.  Feminists of all stripes agree that because males see females as inferior the TW is not safe in a general male prison but the radical feminists suggest that the solution is not female prison.  It is a third space.  Likewise, for people new to the concept of transgender or revisiting the idea of transgender having last looked into it 10 - 15 years ago it's worth noting that the majority of TW retain their male genitalia with no intention of having "bottom surgery."  For this reason even many liberal feminists as well as the majority of women who would go out of their way to assure everyone that they're in no way feminists agree that TW do not belong in female prisons.  If you're going to do the "but prison rape" dance stop right there.  Who's doing the prison raping?  Men.  It would seem that the solution to that is to fix the problem in men's prisons, or do men not deserve protections and dignity as well?

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  • amy
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    I know we are in this insane world of intersection crap but really what the hell does transgender have to do with gender studies. There are two gender male and female. The prefix infront of woman or man doesnt make it a gender it just clarifies someone who has a mental disorder called gender dysphoria who went through the prescribed treatment of said disorder and hormonally and surgically transitioned. and if I wanted to be a rude dick about it and point out the truth that medicine isnt that advanced yet otherwise a cis (biological) man could transition into a cis (biological) woman. They cant we dont have that technology. Cis means same side cis man same side man. Trans means opposite. Transwoman opposite woman. we all know trans women were born boys thats why they are trans not cis no point adding (biological male). Transgender women are women but they are transwomen not ciswomen they different. Thats why theres a prefix. Please go on and talk about homosexuals, black and muslim. Seriously feminists pull your **** together.

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