How do i get my laptop to stop flashing when the vga cable is plugged in?



1 Answer

  • 4 months ago

    Can you be more specific, please?  What exactly is flashing: a light, a button, the screen.  If the screen, does it flash on and off slowly, with a few seconds between, or what?  

    Edit to add: 

     When you say TV, are you using a Television for your signal or is this a computer monitor? Is the monitor hooked at both ends with a VGA Cable?  What do you mean "sometimes with VGA"?  what is it flashing when not flashing VGA?  

    Most laptops have a series of keys to press when utilizing the VGA external connector.  usually the Fn key and the associated F# key, most likely F4.  When you press this combination the laptop toggles through a series of three settings:  Laptop Screen only, Laptop Screen + External Monitor, External Monitor only.   Try pressing these to see if you can get the flashing to stop.  

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