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If the USA had its own unlimited oil supply and made all its own products would the coronavirus pandemic not have happened?

China and oil sheiks are able to manipulate the USA because of the USA's extreme dependence on chinese factory workers and oil.


I am saying that china is able to manipulate the USA with a fake pandemic. China depends on oil from the middle east so oil sheiks can manipulate the USA through china.

The coronavirus pandemic is a hoax. 

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    The Pandemic is not a hoax.  China cannot manipulate the USA unless we let them.  We are oil independent in the USA and we do not need Chinese factory workers.  This is why I'll vote for President Trump because our President will handle anything that we may lose by rejecting China.  What you are forgetting is America helps other countries more than other countries help us.  Basically, we have 50 little countries within our united states.  Did not President Trump get us PPE and masks that China was producing but we weren't getting?  America is a bigger benefit to China than China is to America.  And the same goes for the other countries.  I want you to know NOW, America is a great nation.  We have nothing to apologize for except abortion, porno, sexual misconduct and calling God's name in vain.  These only exists in America because of our freedoms.

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    We have enough oil for our life times. We don't have to import it anymore. Hopefully by the time Trump is gone in 2025, we will have companies back in the US so we don't have to depend on a communist country that waited for months to tell us what was going on so they could hoard PPEs. This is NOT a "fake pandemic." It came from a lab in China with lax security. 

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    Your assertion is nuts. The only way America could have avoided this was to be a closed off to World travel as North Korea is.

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    Global trade doesn't help (and the pandemic isn't fake of course).  However, whereas it would be a good thing for the US to be more self-sufficient, in particular not relying on Sa`udi Arabia considering, for example, its culpability in 9/11 and yet the country still trades with them, there would also be a lot of environmental destruction which would lead to the emergence of other infectious diseases, possibly even ones which evolved from a Coronavirus.  So it wouldn't help because much of the industry which is currently in China would be in North America instead.

    Why do you believe the Covid-19 pandemic is a hoax?  Haven't you lost anyone you know through it?  I have.  I'm disappointed in your details.  Until I read those, your question sounded perfectly reasonable.

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    You're late, anonymous.  During the GOP totalitarianism from 2001-2008 of oilmen Bush and Cheney's lawlessness, the U.S. remained dependent upon foreign oil on purpose, with help from OPEC, the Koch brother oil baron domestic terrorists (Mayer, 2017), and the war-profiteering of Carlisle Group ("Fahrenheit 9/11" documentary by Michael Moore). All Cheney-manipulated GW had to do during those nation-destroying, economy-ruining, price-gouging years to drive oil prices artificially high (above $5 a gallon in spite of Clinton-built oil surpluses here) was go on camera and carelessly bandy about the words "World War III."  I watched this on Bloomberg News overnight and would jump in my car to go fill up on gas before the price-gouging kicked in only an hour or so later (2005-2008).  

    Enter our proverbial "Second Coming" nation-saving President Barack Obama, who campaigned on a vow to wean the U.S. off of dependence upon foreign oil, to restore the Republicans' eliminated government oversight, and to bring our unemployment figures and our GOP-caused massive deficit (10.6% of GDP in 1/2009) down by more than one-half by the end of his first term---all of these promises kept. The Obama team did environmental impact studies and then selectively allowed new off-shore drilling here in America, eventually having U.S. exports surpass any oil we imported from overseas.  This gave our nation new prosperity and new independence, but angered the oil barons headed by Koch Industries ("DARK MONEY: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right" by Jane Mayer, 2017).  Our deficit fell from 10.6% of GDP when President Obama was sworn in down to 5.2% of the GDP by the end of Obama's highly productive first term, and the Obama policies of making covert "Operation Coyote" mass arrests of GOP-provided "dirty tricks" right-wing Prince Group human-trafficking mercenaries at the southern border who dumped thousands of Central American unaccompanied minors during an election year got our illegal migration all the way down to NET ZERO by 2012.  

    Unlike utterly incompetent mobbed-up lifts-wearing Donald Trump, President Obama took charge when the deadly Ebola virus threated to become a pandemic and doubled-down on our health experts going to the virus instead of waiting for the rapidly mutating virus to come to the U.S.  Only two---that's TWO---U.S. deaths occurred here because of the rapid-response competence and expertise of the Obama administration.  

    You need to go back to school, anonymous.  And wear a face mask when you do.

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    it probably wouldn't be as big but it would still happen, because coronavirus cam from bats

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    Fake pandemic? Okay then.

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    No, the Demoncrats would still have created and released it to ruin Trumps presidency  

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    No it still wouldn't have changed the underlying issues. 

    America needs immigration reform and border control. 

    Cities that have Democrat as mayor's have shytty mayor's and high homeless population IE Los Angeles, New York and Seattle. 

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