Why do employers take long to contact me?

They always take several weeks and sometimes over a month to contact me, why? is there anything I can improve on?. I always give the correct information and I try to seem pleasant when I apply but it takes forever to hear feedback.

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    We don't know you, your resume or how good your interviewing skills are. So we can't really tell you what to improve on. Maybe try practicing some common interview questions with some one that can give you honest feed back. Be polite but also have a good attitude and smile. Also make sure you look professional when you go for an interview. Also have some one go over your resume, make sure there's no mistakes, also so it looks and sounds professional. 

    These days every thing is taking longer usually due to covid 19. If you had the same issues before covid 19, you may want to try some thing different but still be your self. 

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