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19 years old student need a little financial help? ?

Need a little financial help regarding money. I’m 19 and I saved about only 6k so far. I have 1.1k to for myself to spend that isn’t in my saving. Do u think I should just save 1k more so my saving would be 7k and I will only have 100$ to myself to spend? 

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    You need to start putting your money to work. It's not doing anything sitting in a savings account. Keep 1k in a savings account so you have some emergency money. Keep $100 in the checking so you have something to spend. Invest the rest. And don't get your investment advice from the internet. Go to a financial service such as Charles Schwab and get an experienced advisor. If the financial institution has not been in business for at least 50 years, don't use it. 

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    lol. Where is the money ?? Under your mattress? Put it in the bank; and you can spend up to $7,100 if you want. It is your money. YOU are the one in control of your money. YOU decide. {Car, vacation, college tuition. long-term savings (like for a house or a wedding) } 

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    save for what? u should  LIVE , not live to save

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    $ sign goes before the number.

    And I don't care if you save or not.

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