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How does Andy Ngo being Gay or Asian stop Ngo from being a white supremacist?

Leaked Proud Boys Chats Show Members Plotting Violence At Rallies:

Facebook takes down Proud Boys, American Guard accounts connected to protests:

Funny that.

Bonus Question: How does Donald J. Trump having a Jewish Son-in-Law and Grandson mean he can't be a White Supremacist Neo-Nazi Fascist Dictator?

Adolf Hitler had a Gay Nazi as his right hand man, guess all those Gays wearing the upside down Pink triangles in concentration camps don't exist right.


"How you know all these people."

Called actual research, terrifying to republicans.

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    Stay mad, lying fascist. Ngo is exposing your ilk. You know damn well he's no bigot. You are.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    How you know all these people.

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