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Any tips on tripping on shrooms alone at night?

I have tripped on shrooms a few times, my highest was 2g with lemon water, i just picked up 1.5g tonight. Was thinking about tripping tonight alone to know more about myself. My parents will be home too, but was thinking about tripping around 10-11pm, will it be easy to sleep after the trip or nah?, also what are some good things to do while tripping alone, and how do i get rid of come up nausea. 

I was thinking tripping while my parents were alsleep in my room, do some fun things, was then end the night with a joint or something to help me sleep.

Just need help on the come up as i my stomach feels not good and lowkey feel like vomiting, i spent my come ups in the toilet, but when the trip starts i normally feel great, just the come up, would drinking the shrooms with orange juice a good idea?

Please give some tips my first time tripping alone, and alone at night...... 


I meant trip in my room while my parents were alseep in their room xd...

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  • 5 months ago

    Well I’ve never tripped on shrooms but I’ve done my share of acid/lsd back in my club kid days and there’s no freaking way I would have tripped alone. Every trip I had was different and had some unpredictable moments that could have ended badly if I’d been alone. Idk if mushrooms are the exact same but they are a psychedelic like lsd is so they must share a lot of characteristics. Also my trips always lasted about 18-20 hours no sleep. There’s no way I could have slept until after a good 24 hrs. It wasn’t like speed insomnia but your mind is definitely too wound up to let you sleep. I’d lay in bed with headphones and chill to music those last few hours coming down. Just my two cents. As I said I’ve never done shrooms but definitely be cautious always.

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