Who wants to know about festivals of Iran?

In 3000 and some years ago in Iran people was so happy. Usually in Iran every day or every week people does celebrate and made commemorate. In term of "ACHAEMENIAN" people had more than 150 tip of celebrate in just a year, it too amazing! In that time Iranian was the happiest people around the world.

Some of the well-known festival and celebrate from pas of Iran is “NOROOZ-MEHERGAN-SORI-SEPANDARMOZGAN and ect”.as exampled in “MEHREGAN” festival that always behind NOROOZ , people made a big feast and party in overall country .This festival was 6 day , that in each day people had a one plan! People make this festival for remember of whoop up national smithy “KAVE”. KAVEH is principle of patriotism. For Iranian and lots of people around a world this was so important and every year commemorate it.

And one of the amazing celebrate in past of Iran and now is “SORI or CHAR SHANBE SORI” that people commemorate it in last Wednesday of year.

 In lots of time ago fair was so important-holy and necessary for Iranian, If a person can go to fair and comeback a health, will be a hero. When a person went to fair for help to his love and comeback health, people was happy and every year commemorate and tern on the fair and jump from fair –say a beautiful sentence.

A lovely celebrate from past of Iran: “SEPANDARMOZGAN”. This festival was so popular for women. The location of women in the past was a lot. Women was very important and exposed to respect for all people! 

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