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Distant girlfriend, what do I do? ?

So my girlfriend's stopped being so talkative. She usually messaged called me alot but something is amiss now

an she's just stopped since I dropped the bombshell on her I won't be sleeping over anymore. Cause her family screaming an swearing at her I can't handle that an rather be in my flat but I will still visit. She can't come to mine yet cause she's been ill. (mentally an physically) 

not with covid not everything is related to that. So she's not ready at the moment. For a while. So she's snapped at her family they have ruined her relationship. An isn't really talking to them anymore. An she's gone distant on me isn't talking barely at all to me either an when she does it's limited answers says she would rather see me then call etc so she just wait till I come over. But when I do all she wants to do is chill no sex etc anymore she's said it isn't the right time anymore. 

My mate said this is bad she's pulling away from you cause she knows she's got loads of problems she's just seeing how it goes now. She ain't serious about you anymore. He said she could be trying to leave me slowly. What do you guys think.

I need advice. 

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