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What are some careers related to human biology but do not involve going to medical school? ?

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    Depends on what your goals are. If you are asking this because you love biology but dont want to do medicine there are alot of different career paths that you can chose. If your saying this because you are going to graduate with a B.S in biology and dont know what other options there are, your options are limited. Below are a small list of options related to biology and their level of education required. Most of them require specialized degree's, such as nursing, that a B.S in biology wont make you eligible for. I will put  (*) next to those that you may be able to do with only a B.S specifically in biology.

    *Research: Academic or Industry (B.S. or M.S. preferred, Ph.D possible but more difficult to find a job)

    *Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (B.S. or M.S. or even Ph.D and additional training)

    *Genetic Counseling (B.S. or M.S. and additional training)

    *Pharmaceutical sales (B.S)

    Nursing (B.S.N or A.S.N but the associates route may be getting phased out soon)

    Radiology technologist (B.S)

    Operating Room Technologist

    Pathologist assistant (M.S.)

    Physical therapist assistant (A.S)

    Physical therapist (DPT)

    Occupational Therapy (M.S)

    Physicians assistant (M.S)

    *Many roles in healthcare administration

    *School Teaching (B.S and often M.S)

    Surgical Technician (A.S or B.S and certification)


    There are of course other things that are related but slight off-shoots to what I would say are true biology, such as nutrition, physical fitness, epidemiology, kinesiology ect.

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