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Dog keeps peeing in my room?

All my other dogs respect the rules and go outside. She wont go pee outside and I will pick her up and place her out back and she will hold it and go inside. I've closed my door. She waits and holds it. She hates walks and the leash. Is spoiled and what's a good plan? And now knows I trick her to go outside and she barks until I open the door. If it rains forget it. Why is she so lazy? I put newspaper down but it's been harder to potty train than other dogs I've had. Just wondering why? I get very mad and still same bs. Every morning. I live in the country so theres no sidewalks here or place to walk except the backwoods and fields. Usually the dogs just run around the acres and exercise themselves.  She grew up in my bedroom because that's the way it worked out separating all the dogs. I dont mind sharing my bed, but I'm sick and tired of the peeing on my floor. Or it's in my office. 

Do I need to leave them outside more? 

If I cose my room door and she gets anxious to go back in. 


Pooping too!!! Stupid dog only goes to the bathroom in my house now. Its spoiled and hates the rain.

Update 2:

@Maxi you did not help me, you just ranted and called me lazy. I am not a lazy person you dumbass. I work full time and clean up after them. Your next stupid response would be to say not to have dogs or give it away I bet. 

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  • 1 month ago

    So housetrain it, you idiot

  • Wilson
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    1 month ago

    Watch this great video 

    It helped me a great deal!!

    I have a Chihuaha that would always go potty inside 

    I tried the things in this video 

    Now my dog goes outside all the time !!!

    Youtube thumbnail

  • 1 month ago

    You need to google 'how to potty train a puppy' or 'how to potty train an adult dog"  Not all dogs are easy to potty train.  & there are so many different things you could do or watch for to get this dog to pee outside.  If it is a puppy it will be fairly easy if you dog things right & it could be hard to train an adult dog.  But everything you need to know will be online, in dog training books & they even have little articles on how to do things.

    Dog was probably raise inside a house & only pees when there is roof/ceiling over head.  Outside is so vast & huge & no roof/ceiling.  There are ways to get around this.  You will find them in the sites that come up when you search.

  • 1 month ago

    You need to GO outside WITH her and MAKE SURE she relieves herself.   If she doesnt, then you CRATE her until you take her out again..  She has to EARN access to the house.

    Stop letting her have free range of the house if she isnt relieving herself outdoors.

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  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    "Why is she so lazy?" You mean why are you so lazy...........

    "I put newspaper down" so YOU trained inside toileting

    "I will pick her up and place her out back".... you need to TRAIN the dog and that mean YOU are also outside

    "She hates walks and the leash. Is spoiled" ..... no you are lazy and have not practiced lead walking... and no not spoilt just untrained

    "I get very mad and still same bs. " At yourself because of your lazy attitude, as if it is at the dog all it tells the dog is you are a weak person who can't lead, for some dogs that means they will take on leadership role and disapline ( attack) lower pack members (like you) for other dogs they will become more fearful/anxious and display by peeing in the house.

    The ONLY person to blame is you!

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