Fage Greek Yogurt ?

I know this sounds like a stupid question, but why does the smallest container of  Fage total 0% is only 6oz (170g) ? 2% and 5% are 7oz. 

The biggest containers are all (0%, 2% and 5%) 35.3oz (1000g). 

I contacted the company but there is no answer from them. 

I would appreciate your help. 

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    It seems safe to make a presumption based on the company's marketing concerns. Clearly they want to appeal to buyers who are intent on consuming as little fat as they can.

    They can't label their product 0% fat unless whatever tiny amount of fat it contains can be rounded to zero. Product labeling laws undoubtedly have rules about when you can round down or up. Let's say it's right at half a percentage where you have to round upward.

    So if six ounces of the lowest fat product contains 0.48% fat, they can legally label it zero fat, because they're allowed to round down. Add one more ounce, and you're past the cut-off, up to 0.056% fat, and would have to round it up to 1%.

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