What are zodiac signs that are loyal?

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    1 month ago
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    Most Taurus people are loyal but whatever you do never trust a Leo or a Gemini in relationship for they are the devil and their life goal is destroy every person's confidence and make everyone's life a nightmare plus all they do is talk about themselves all the time they don't care about your feelings

  • Janet
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Understand that loyalty is a CHOICE. Astrology is only an influence and doesn't control us. All your birthchart shows is how you will LIKELY be IF you do nothi tong change or grow.

    You are talking about Sun signs, and those are only 2% of the entire birthchart.

    The tendency to choose loyalty is a function of Saturn in the individual person's birthchart.  Their "zodiac sign" is ONLY the Sign that Sun appeared to b

     e in when they were born. Since Sun's position matches calendar dates, it is easy to find ..and easy to make money off of .. It is not real astrology. Just a scam.  

    If Saturn is well-aspected with any of the other 9 planets, the person is likely to be loyal, since they find it easier to accept responsibility and can live with reality (and if you want to keep someone, the reality is that you remain loyal).

    Venus (our need to relate to others) in a Fixed Sign can be loyal as well, since Fixed Signs don't like change and if your style of relating (Venus) is in a Fixed Sign, you try to keep the relationship. The downside is that you are very very slow to commit (because committing is just another form of "change").  Of course, that is assuming that this Venus in a Fixed Sign is well-aspected with any of the other 9 "planets" (inner needs). If their Venus makes hard aspect with other needs, then the person does NOT relate in constructive ways, no matter what Sign their Venus is in .. unless they have learned to overcome the stress of those badly-aspected influences in their birthchart.

  • Kathy
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    1 month ago

    Any Zodiac sign can be loyal.

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