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Is it true that lonely people live a shorter life? How long do they live for?

I heard from the great pearl ledermansndjd that lonely people have shorter lifespans? How long are they expected to live for?

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    Where did you hear this? You should probably get your information from reliable sources not other middle school kids. Whether someone lives a long time or not, depends on their health status, medical conditions, genetics and so on. Whether someone is lonely or not has very little to do with their life span.

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    todo depende de cuanto se cuide una persona

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    No because my grandmother was 81 and  her mental illness caused her i believe  to always feel alone  except for short periods 

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    True. Many studies show that loneliness deprives one from interaction with others and creates stress. That is not the same as being alone, as most people benefit from occasionally being alone in their thoughts.

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    no it isn't true and some people prefer to be alone

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