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What’s the difference between Castile doctrine and stand your ground?

23 states have a Castile doctrine, 26 states have stand your ground, and (Vermont and DC) have duty to retreat

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    Castle doctrine = If someone enters your home, any action you take is assumed to be self defense until proven otherwise.

    Stand your ground = You are not required to attempt to flee before using force in self defense. That normally involves defending yourself outside of your home.

    Note: Stand your ground NEVER legally justifies use of force if the act wouldn't be self defense.

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    You can "stand your ground" anywhere you feel you're being threatened. The castle doctrine applies only to doing the same inside your own home. "Castile" is a former kingdom on the Iberian Peninsula that was dissolved in 1230. 

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    "Stand your ground" is a type of castle doctrine. 

    Not all castle doctrines are stand your ground. Some require a duty to retreat, and some only allow deadly force if you have an immediate danger to your life. "Stand your ground" states you can assume an immediate danger as soon as someone enters your house illegally. Without stand your ground, you need some other factor to establish a danger to your life. 

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    There is no such thing as "castile doctrine."  I, therefore, assume that all of your research is faulty.

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    Castle doctrine applies only in your home.

    Stand your ground also applies in public places.

    Castile doctrine doesn't exist.

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    First, that is "castle", not "castile".  

    Castle doctrine means you have the right to defend your home and property against intruders.  If someone breaks into your house, you can (and should, IMO) kill them if you feel threatened.

    Stand your ground means that you are not obligated to retreat from someone committing a crime or doing violence to people, or threatening you.  If someone is doing that, you are empowered to use whatever means you have to end that threat.

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