How can tier 2 ict be converted to tier 2 general? Possible?

I'm asking on behalf of my friend who's in UK on tier 2 ict visa which gets extended every year but it doesn't count towards UK immigration. He has his family as well 2 kids. I see that he needs to go back to India n apply for tier 2 general if any company is willing to sponsor him and even that is after a year of going back as it's cooling off period of ict.

Any other way?


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    Impossible. The 12- month return to your country of citizenship is mandatory. And after that, your new employer - provided you meet all requirements of UK shortage occupation list & the employer is authorized by the govt to consider foreign applicants - your employer applies for your new employment visa. None of the time spent on tier 2 ICT counts toward residency & other requirements to eventually obtain ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain - legal permanent residency status). He MUST return to India - no exceptions, no excuses.

    Note that competition for any job which offers any chance at a job with an employment visa is extremely tough. It is quite common to have 100-1000 applicants from around the world for any such job. Just because someone did get the ICT visa at some point is no indication that they qualify for & can actually ever get hired in a job with a "regular" employment visa.

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