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Drug gangs make a fortune, but when they eventually get caught they are confined to a stinking cell for decades. Is it really worth it?

In ten years time, the honest person will make as much money working, and during that time the druggies partners' will end their relationships, find new relationships, and settle down to a life free of strife and police bashing down doors.

So is crime worth it?

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    The tools you see in prison are mostly just that tools, I'd say going by real crime TV 90% of those in prison carried out crimes they could have never gotten away with, I can't believe how stupid most criminals on those real crime TV shows are.

    Saying that, you'd have to believe that the smarter criminials don't get locked up for decades if at all. 

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    The sad thing is that the 'wealthy criminals' can afford Lawyers who find loopholes, to ensure their Clients always get away with their Criminal activities.  These same wealthy criminals employ 'fall guys', people to do the 'dirty or dangerous jobs', who are more likely to get caught.  They probably groom people they can take advantage of, make threats to ensure they don't tell the Police/Prison Authourities, the names of their Employers.

    So our Prisons are full of gullible people who've been used and abused by their bosses.  They probably had no decent role models in their early life, which may have led them to 'hang out' with selfish criminal minded people.

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    I have obeyed the law and suceeded in life without spending years rotting in jail with the scum of the earth.

    I have assets to equal these criminal endeavours and the difference is that my wealth won't be seized by police,  and I won't be serving years in jail.

    Superior far-right intelligence. 

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    When any person commits a crime, they believe they will get away with it. They do not do it as a maths study.

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    If you can seek enough crack heroine and meth and get it into a foreign bank account when you get out on parole in 5; years you can ditch the usa and live like a king in another country

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