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T or F; satisfying to watch protesters blocking a public highway being thrown through the air from the impact with a speeding car?


 Friend's Dad got stopped at an intersection by protesters and offered to back away and go in another direction. Some FVCKTARD took a baton/pipe to his car and did about $1,200.00 in damage to it.

 Police did NOTHING and his Insurance won't cover "RIOT DAMAGE".

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  • Dze
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    lol thats brilliance there .. lets block a highway at night when nobody can see us lol .. the talk is the guy that hit them was black to, talk about irony .. and then get this, the 'topper' - theyre protesting cops and defund them and sht and they called the cops ... go figure the horse manure .. its time to go home .. really it is ..

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Going by the name, he sounds like he is East Indian.   It it not safe to be in the same neighborhood as those drivers.   The driver will be charged with using the car as a weapon.  Committed because there is video evidence.

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    Unfortunately for the media, the driver is black and they can't use it for their two minutes of hate.

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    False. It would be satisying to see them all handcuffed and thrown in jail. They say it's their constitutional right to protest. And it is. But I also have a constitutional right of free movement. I have the right to travel. Therefore they should not be blocking roadways without a permit and should be arrested for doing so. And nobody should be committing any acts of violence. 

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    False, mostly. Sane people don't want to see crap like that; we just want these 'protesters' to knock it the hell off.

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  • Julius
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    1 month ago

    You'll hear nothing of this in the "lame stream" media, especially since the car driver was non-white. 

  • Sherry
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    1 month ago

    I'd say they were asking for it even if they were my kids. I have one adult child that I'm astonished hasn't been shot or beaten to death long ago.

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    Thanks , that was amusing .

    I wonder if that sort of thing is why Conservative parents tell their kids not to play in the street ?

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    That's bloody awful

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