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Can I get pregnant if I haven't seen my period in 5 months?

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    YES - it IS possible.

    Missing periods USUALLY mean missing ovulation.  If ovulation doesn't  happen - then the next period doesn't happen.  (periods do not trigger ovulation - ovulation triggers periods if pregnancy didn't happen)

    The problem with the issue - You have NO IDEA WHEN you MIGHT ovulate again.  

    So, if whatever reason your ovulation is missing happens to balance out long enough to allow ovulation to happen - you COULD potentially become pregnant at that point.

    The next problem with this issue is deciding if and when you should test.  DO NOT rely on classic pregnancy symptoms to let you know you are pregnant.  It IS POSSIBLE to be pregnant and ONLY have the missing period as an early indication of pregnancy.  Morning sickness and all those other early symptoms are not actually "required" as part of being pregnant.  They are just common.

    So - when your period goes missing for long stretches of time, the first thing to do would be consult your doctor to try to determine if there is a reason.  If you aren't currently interested in becoming pregnant and the doctor doesn't find anything that "must" be fixed - then missing periods is more of a convenience than a problem.

    USE BIRTH CONTROL just in case if you don't want to be pregnant.  If you do want to be pregnant - have sex at least once every three days in hopes of hitting that one random point that ovulation MIGHT happen.

    Test for pregnancy once per month just to be sure no surprises happen.  (again - early pregnancy symptoms are not "required" and it is possible to be pregnant and have such mild symptoms that they go unnoticed.

    BTW - my answer is based on personal experience -  I had EXTREMELY irregular periods.  It was VERY COMMON for me to skip between two to four months at a time without a period.  I had a doctor tell me I would have a hard time getting pregnant - but never pursued testing.  (basically told me that my main issue was my body weight - and I didn't insist on testing because I didn't care at that point.)  I lost track of my last period and wasn't doing any pregnancy testing.  I didn't have any noticeable early symptoms.  I was near the end of the fifth month of pregnancy when I found out I was pregnant.  The only symptom that should have warned me was fatigue - but I had also changed jobs and thought the fatigue was related to my new job and schedule.  I should have noticed that my period had been missing for longer than four months - but when periods go missing for long stretches of time, it gets easy to forget when the last one happened.  I have two children - I had extremely irregular periods - I never used a fertility treatment or even had a straight answer as to why my periods were irregular.  (with my second baby - I knew at about 8 weeks because I did get some morning sickness and decided to test at that point)

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    If you are referring to the menopause then yes you could still get pregnant, the doctor will tell you to wait at least 12 months without period before you stop using protection but even better to wait 2 years.

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    1 month ago

    I hadn't seen a period for 8 years, when a doctor looked at my blood test and asked me what birth control I was using. I was so aghast that I totally forgot that I had had my tubes tied 20 years before - all I could see was "me" with grey hair and a toddler.

    Get a test.

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