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Should I NOT mention this to my boss?

I have worked at a company for 7 years. The last 3 years for a terrible boss. He hit on all the female employees married or not. He often made us work through our lunch hour. We had a big party to celebrate his leaving (after he left). Everyone was happy to get a new boss. However my happiness turned to tears when I found out who the new boss was. It was a guy who had asked me for dates in high school and I turned him down every time. I just knew he would fire me to get back for turning him down for dates.

For the first month I worked for him, I lived in fear every day that he would fire me. However he never said a word about us going to high school together. It appeared he did not remember me and what I did to him. Perhaps because I am using my married name now. My close friend Jill thinks he is just a nice guy that remembers but does not want to embarrass me by saying anything about our past.

Everyone thinks and I agree he is a great boss. He is giving us all training so we can get a raise and promotion. For those of us that have kids, he will cover for us when we have to go to a school event or when we have doctor’s appointment for our kids. My coworkers just adore him as their boss. I still have the fear that one day he will remember me and fire me.

Am I fearful for no reason? Should I mention our past to him or just forget it and move on?

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    That's right. Let bygones be bygones. No need to dig up ancient history. Join the union to prevent you from being dismissed without cause. Know your rights! Learn the labor relations laws. 

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