Why Buddah did not give a definition of Nirvana?Enlightment of Self. After you disconnet from World & Desire What remains in you Except soul?


In buddism there is no concept of soul or God,but Nirvana,a higher state of mind  enlightment or awakenning of  soul or self. All constitute a spiritual existence over nothingness.Nirvana cannot be nihilistic experinece of nothingness but pure consciousness of mind. I simply think buddah touched and tested presence of soul,but was not able to explain because his thoughts about  religion was like moderntime Atheist God does not exist.Every human has a  soul that represent God.

Update 2:

You are seating on a chair that appear to be attached on a ground, you are totaly disconnected from the chair or ground this seperation give you a singular identity,you are neither attached or detached, you are you,ONE. A buddist monk disconnect himself from worldly desire and touch his own soul of bliss a state of pure oneness neither dettached or attached, he is in a state  of nirvana,enlightment.

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