My Android battery gets stuck at 47 percent. Someone please help to resolve this issue. ?

My Android has been reserve charging and it charges up and down a lot. It stops charging at 47 percent. It's been going on for a week and it's bothering me a lot. Can someone please help me resolve this issue? I know a lot of people say it's the phone battery it may not work and it needs to be replaced but I been having this phone for two years and I never had a problem with it. I deleted all the cache, tried a lot of apps to fix the battery, powered the phone off and took the battery off, and also rebooted the phone. No luck at all. However the only issue is that the phone's USB port is a bit bent and it's been a issue having it straight with a little toothpick. I think that's the issue but I'm not sure at all. Can someone tell me some steps for a fix? 

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  • 3 days ago

    Good apps for iOS from

  • 1 month ago

    Time to replace the battery or the both the phone and battery. What ever the issue is, playing with settings, rebooting/resetting the phone over and over, is not going to magically fix it on the 31st time.

    The cheapest thing to try is replacing the battery. Becomes less cheap if the battery is not user removable, especially if you are not handy, which means you'll be paying for this to be replaced. 

    If replacing the battery does not "Unstuck" the battery % at 47, there is something wrong with the phone itself. So at this time it's time to replace the phone with a new or used one of the same phone, or upgrade to a current phone. 

  • 1 month ago

    Try a wall charger with a higher Amp rating..

  • Olive
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    1 month ago

    Try letting the battery drain completely. Lot times it helps if battery stuck

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