trans do you know that Facts don't care about your Feelings?

like Fact Gender is not base on your Feelings but Biology & you can't change your Gender & there only two Genders

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    1 month ago
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    They are disorder and brain washed

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    There are two physical sexes. (Actually, physical sex is bimodal with roughly 48% or 49% of the human population at each peak and an estimated 2% to 4% of the population somewhere between the peaks because of flexibility in the human genome. But for the sake of your feelings, let's oversimplify biology and act like there are only two sexes.)

    Gender is identity, or how the brain recognizes itself. There's societal values at play, such as how Western society deems that skirts are for women but Scottish heritage praises men wearing kilts (which are practically skirts). However the recognizable existence of the "tomboy" archetype (meaning assigned-female-at-birth identifying as a female and enjoying "boy things") shows that the cultural impact upon gender identity isn't actually that strong.

    The bulk of gender is thus determined through genetics, and specifically has strong ties to the dynamic equilibrium of a handful of "sex hormones". Specifically focusing on testosterone and estrogen and progesterone. The more estrogen and progesterone a person's body has, the more "female" the brain is and thus interprets itself as, likewise more testosterone leads to a more-"male" brain/sense-of-self/etc.

    Thus biology effectively has trans identity as that there's a female brain in a male body, or a male brain in a female body. And since it's generally agreed that poking around peoples' brains against their will or torturously electrocuting them until they 'change their mind' are considered immoral/evil, then clearly permitting people to change their body to fit with how their mind sees itself is the ethical solution.

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