I ****** up.?

So I’m pregnant from a one night stand and I’m about to give birth at anytime. I was going to get a abortion because I hardly knew the guy. His mom doesn’t believe in abortion and so didn’t my family. We decided to get to know each other for eight  months. Our relationship felt natural. We were going to get an apartment together. We thought that this could work. We were happy. But all of a sudden now he wants to be single. I really liked him a lot maybe almost loved. But now I’m pretty sure he has his eyes on someone and I feel so worthless and hurt. I know babies are blessings but sometimes I regret even having sex with him because I wouldn’t feel so depressed right now. I know I ****** up my entire life. And I’m not sure how to cope. People keep saying everything will be okay but they aren’t in my shoes. Ugh I’m so hopeless right now 


I just feel like I wasted my time and I’m embarrassed I got a kid this way. I can’t tell new ppl without feeling judged. I know perfect relationships who’ve known one other for years break up while having kids because it just doesn’t work, but i didn’t want it to happen to me. I feel awful. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and start over with this baby dad of mine. 

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    Please don't give up hope.  Just because he turned out to be a huge a$$hat doesn't mean that things won't go right for you.  That baby will certainly change your life, but it can be for the better.  Once you see and hold your child in your arms, you will fall in love.  That's something that the dopey sperm donor will not know...again, his loss not yours.  Hopefully you have a support system of family that will help you out.   With that in place, sure it will be hard, but its worth it.  Having a baby, despite all the rough spots you are now going thru will change you in ways you never thought possible.  I can only add that up until I had my first child I never thought I could handle having babies and raising kids, and 24 years later, I don't regret one moment of what I've gone through as a young mom.  SO hang in there.  Look for single mom support groups where you live, even if they are online.  It will help.  Good luck!

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    It's time for your father to get his shotgun out.

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    Once the baby comes I believe it's going to make you so happy and you're going to love that baby more than anything. Don't worry about him right now, if it's meant to be it'll be. If not, you'll be just fine without him.

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    maybe he can still help you with the baby

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