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Should I ask this woman out? Does she like me?

I work in a tenant building.

One of the tenants really enjoys hearing me talk. She said I give a kind and gentle impression/presence. She said she picked up on that from the first time we met and started talking. I had helped her with a repair she needed in her unit. 

When her and I talk, she stands extra close to me. She likes the sound of my voice a lot too, saying I sound like I have an accent.

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    Next time you talk to her just ask her if she'd like to talk more at such and such place such as blank name cafe. Try to be very informal about it too. Many girls are just flirts and will flirt with men to get a massive amount of attention. So if she truly likes you because you are such a great guy then she will go see you at a cafe or whatever place. Yet try to make it a very relaxing informal gathering. There's too much pressure if you wear a tuxedo, pick her up on a limousine, give her a dozen roses, and take her to a fancy steak restaurant.  

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    1 month ago

    NOPE.  No way.  She's just trying to get free repairs.  This is not going to turn out like some cheap 70's porno, so drop the fantasy.  More likely is that she will turn out to be your worst nightmare.  

  • 1 month ago

    Yes, you should ask her out.  We can't possibly know if she likes you, that's why you need to ask her out.

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