Is it common to get in a new relationship and miss the ex?

Me & my ex were together for 5 years.  Within a year after our breakup, he has since met a new girlfriend, got engaged and married.  When you fall in love, do you still miss the old? Or do you get so infatuated with the new lover that the old one doesn't matter anymore?  I'm wondering if he misses me like 1%, 10%, 0% that type of deal.

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    I am in my mid 70s and have loved only one man who I met when I was 23 years old.  We broke up when I was 27.  I believe he is on his 3rd marriage; having been divorced twice but am not sure since I'm not in touch with him.  I ran into him once over 20 years ago and actually was glad I did so because it made me realize that the older me would never have been attracted to him; I would have seen him for what he was - an extremely good looking man with a wandering eye.

    He is still the love of my life which is probably why I haven't married since my only marriage ended when I was 22 - a year before I met him.  

    I don't "miss" him and I've never missed him since our break-up.  I know that it would have been a huge mistake if we had ever married because he was/is a womanizer and I would never have been able to trust him.

    What I do miss is loving and being loved.  I do not confuse that with feelings for him.  We were a huge part of each other's lives for 4 years and there are certain songs or movies or events which bring him to mind as I am sure there are things which bring me to his mind but we've both moved on.

    As for me, at some point I realized that I have rotten taste in men and, as a result, decided not to marry.  A lot of lucky men out there who didn't marry me although four have asked.

    Focus on your present; not your past.  Someday you will meet someone who feels the same about you as you do about him.  Don't settle.

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    With the guy marrying, it's all over. Move on. Easy to say if you love someone. You may always have a small crush on them, but if you truly invest in finding a matching partner, you may appreciate this new partner more than you ever did the ex. You may actually look back at yourself in the mirror and ask: "Why the heck did I give him 5 years, gag?" HOWEVER, if you cannot shake your infatuation w the ex, you must be honest w anyone you begin to get serious with. You have got to start a relationship un compromised, to be fair to your spouse and you. Get busy, time will change your experiences.

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