Do you like holidays?

For instance, do you like Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas? My mom was saying how she dislikes pretty much every holiday and that they feel the same to her. Then asked me if I disliked holidays? I said I still do like them, I mean some can be a little boring. Should I have said I kind of dislike them?


There I think was one point in time where I said I disliked the holidays because I was stressed myself. She said that holidays make you look at your own life and reflect I guess. When she asked me, I just said yeah I think that holidays are still good but I said it kind of hesitantly.

Update 2:

Also, she is more of an introvert. I just felt on the spot with that question I guess and wanted to keep the holiday spirit alive

Update 3:

She said that today was boring but it is what you make it, you choose to make it boring or fun

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    3 months ago
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    No, you were right to be honest. Don't change your opinions because someone else is pressuring you, even if that is your mom. 

  • 3 months ago

    I have had many more bad than good experiences on holidays. I have come to dread and to the extent possible avoid them. I wore a 2012 Walmart flag T-shirt today and didn't leave the house because Covid. Given a choice I would obliterate holidays. I'm not a social recluse, but I have three of the stated underlying conditions that make one more vulnerable to Covid-19. Don't get around much anymore.

  • 3 months ago

    No, too much noise and people and rushing over nothing

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