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my neighbor just destroyed my garden, what should I do?

A few days ago I was pulling weeds around the condo I live in and I accidentally pulled out what turned out to be some sort of flower that was growing in the gravel which my neighbor apparently was watering every evening.  I recall that he told me about it once and I forgot.  Once I pulled it out it was too late.  It was not blooming yet so I had no way of knowing.  To retaliate my neighbor pulled out all my flowers and bushes that I had growing next to my window and balcony, with the exception of those on my balcony (I live on the ground floor).  I just came home and noticed the damage.  He is apparently not home.  Should I report this to the cops?

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    1 month ago

    It depends 100% on condo rules - what you control, what the Condo Association controls.

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