CPU question?

You know that like intel CPU is like Intel i7 3770

whats the 3770 behind for?

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  • 1 month ago
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    The 3770 in the product name identifies the specific processor.  There are differences between i7 processors like the 3770, 4790, 6700k, 6850k etc. 

    3: stand for Architecture or Generation. The 3770 is a 3rd Generation processor. 

    770: stands for where it rates in the product stack in comparison to other processors. Intel calls this part the SKU Numeric digit

    70: I have no idea why they ended with the number 70 instead of 00. Either 70 means it's a product reversion or Intel wanted to further differentiate the 3rd Gen i7 from the 2nd Gen Core i7-2700k. 3rd Generation Intel processors did arrive 4.5 months later than the original target date. 

    K, T, S, KF, F, HQ: These are product suffixes. 

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