How many languages ​​do people speak in Spain?

Hello I'm creating a report for my school  I need to know how many languages do people in Spain besides Spanish.


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    Spanish (obviously)

    English is taught to varying degrees and there are also many native speakers in Spain too since for some reason us English people love Spain.

    Likewise there are many Arabic speakers in Spain due to it's close proximity to Morocco and history with that area.

    Different regions in Spain have different languages spoken, but they all understand Spanish. Those regional languages include:

    - Catalan

    - Basque

    - Valencian 

    - Galician

    - Aranese 

    There are various unofficial languages spoken in Spain too.

    - Asturian 

    - Leonese 

    - Aragonese 

    And of course there are many dialects that are spoken which I will not list because I don't want to be here all day.

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    comment traduire en francais

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    Thank very much for yours replies I can start my homework 

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  • 4 months ago

    The main ones that are actually spoken are Spanish (Castillian), Catalan and Basque (Euskara).  In Galicia, most people can speak Galician which is very similar to Portuguese, although Spanish is the main language.  Historically, there are many provincial languages which are variations on the others, but they now just provide phrases in the local dialect.

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    The official languages are:

    Español (Spanish)




    Then there are dialects of these like Eivissenc, Mallorquí, Valencià, etc. 

    So that would be 3 languages besides Spanish. Cheers 🙂 

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