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Is it normal to have no libido some days?

Mental health and libido?

I am in my late 20's and I have been dealing with this issue for a little while now, I feel like some days I get aroused multiple times just thinking of a girl. But then other days I feel no sexual desire at all , and then I will try to masturbate to force myself to get turned on. When I am with a girl I am easily able to get turned on , but I feel that on the days or may even be weeks I don't think about sex much and don't get random erections I get this horrible worry that I will never be horny again and the next time I am with a girl I won't be able to get it up. Is it normal to not be horny all the time ? I think my problem is that I am such an overthinker , and any time I am not horny I think there is something wrong with me , and then I worry I'll never be horny or will have ED problems which creates a Domino effect. Can anyone help me find a way to cope with this ? Is it normal to have ups and downs with my libido ? To be honest I think it's purely a mental think as I have pretty bad anxiety and I tend to obsess and overthink everything 

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  • Do you not realize that your sexual health is directly tied to your General Health? If you are overweight, out of shape, then your sexual health is going to suffer. In order to optimize your General Health and Sexual Health, then exercise has to be part of that, a good diet with fruits and vegetables have to be part of that. And proper sleep habits, that's a big part of it as well.

    Once you start making lifestyle changes, you will see everything improve.

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    tal vez solo estas aburrido de tanto jaleo

    eso aburre con el tiempo

    pero la libido se mantiene normal siempre, y cada dia

    eso seria lo normal

    claro que si estas interesado en otras cosas como que pasa a segundo plano

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    It probably averages out.

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