Is there an underlying cause to all these symptoms?

Ok so I posted another one about this on my brother's account but it was puberty related. So the diagnoses I have are:

- Asthma

- Optic Nerve Disorder

- Autistic Disorder

- Coordination Developmental Disorder 

- Motor Skill Impairment 

- Poor Balance

- Global Developmental Delay 

- Separation Anxiety 

- Bilateral Hearing Loss

- Hypotonia

- Heart Defects 

- Gynecomastia 

- Anosmia

I've been tested for Klinefelter's and my chromosomes were normal. I think that there's an underlying cause to all of this but I don't know what it could be. I don't fit the typical autistic kid as my sensory problems are more impairments and I dislike sensory input. I'm also very socially interested but have a hard time making friends and I'm told I'm immature. I also thought it was unusual that I had late puberty (16-22). I feel like my puberty was incomplete as I hardly have any facial hair and never went through a growth "spurt". I'm like still at Tanner Stage 3. I got pubic hair, a little armpit hair, a little arm/leg hair but the leg hair is patchy. A semi-deep voice and a very light mustache and a long but small and thin patch of chin hairs. I never grew sideburns or full facial hair. I'm 5'11 when I should be 6'5". I've been letting my facial hair grow for a year and a half and my chin hairs are about 1cm long and I got like less than 30. My mustache is so Light it's barely darker than my skin color. My facial hair looks like I'm a freshman in high school when I'm almost 22. What is wrong?

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  • LMAO... you didn't ask one question here, you ask multiple questions. And no one on here can possibly diagnose any of these things you claim you're experiencing. If you are having issues with this, see your doctor. Only a medical professional, after thoroughly examining you can begin to give something have an answer for you.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I am not a doctor - but I highly doubt that there is just ONE issue is causing ALL those things.

    It is possible to be two or three things causing all those things since certain things you mentioned can be the cause of some of the other things you mentioned.

    Example - issues with hearing can have some impact on balance.

    People with certain autistic issues often have issues when separated from things they are familiar with - so the separation anxiety may be related to autism.  

    Coordination and motor skills are related.  Issues with one can cause issues with the other.

    Some of the issues may be related to hormone imbalances but probably not all the issues.

    If your doctors aren't finding answers - what do you expect from random strangers on the internet.  It is unlikely that you would find anyone with experience related to all those issues at one time.  

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