UK:after Govt presided over unnecessary deaths,taking opposite path to one needed,will they be held to account,or falsely blame NHS in all?

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    The UK government can only be held to account by parliament.  If they get chucked out at the next election, they'll all get seats in the House of Lords.  Last I heard, the 44,198 deaths were all our fault.  I suppose it is in a way - 43% of us voted for these incompetent crooks

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    NHS IS the government.

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    Any blame should be shared between the Government and the expert advisers.

    However, not many countries can claim not to have made mistakes.

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  • 1 month ago

    It must be wonderful to have  20 : 20 hindsight  --  it's like playing a game of heads you win , tails I lose . 

    The first Covid patient diagnosed in  the UK was a  Chinese national ,in late January ,and the first UK person infected by another was first identified on Feb 28th .

    The first death from Covid was recorded on Mar 5 ,and there were a 100 reported cases of the disease .

    When do you think the government should have ordered lockdown ,and shut down the economy -- January , February , beginning of March ?

    And now no doubt, you will blame the second wave of infections and deaths ,that we can expect ,due to the  widespread idiotic behaviour of Britain's younger generation , on the "government" too .

    There is no "safe" with this disease ,we have simply been feeling our way through a balance of risks ,and therefore death and infection rates ---  and that will particularly apply now and going forward .

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