Please tell me the difference ?

One of my teachers had told me we have 1)gap fillers 2)pause fillers 3)hesitation form. Then he continued that they are exactly the same and they can be contained of far as I wrap up this .... 

 Now yesterday one of the-other teacher of mine told me we have 1)gap fillers which are contained of errr , mmm , well .... 2) time buyers: that are some sentences to get more time! Now I’m confused I didn’t find the “time buyers” on internet and also the exact difference between these categories 

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  • RP
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    No one can tell you a well-defined difference because there is none, nor is there a rule or regulation that governs these kinds of interruptions in normal conversation. Call them what you will, but they all serve the purpose of providing a brief break in the dialogue, but their purpose, beyond that can reflect anything from a temporary lapse in the speaker's train of thought to searching for the right idea or word, along with many other things. Um, ah, hmm, etc all buy time, if only for an extended instant, but they all permit continuing the conversation without the speaker saying s/he needs a second or two to gather her/his thoughts. As a result, when someone attempts to provide a definition, whatever s/he produces is the product of convention (practicality) peppered with imagination. You may not understand the specifics of any given definition, but that's because there are none. These pauses are not really words at all, but border more into the territory of inflection. Does this make sense?

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