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Why do feminazis claim that the reason for a mans success is because he’s a man, or a white man. And that’s the only reason he’s successful?

They think that all white men have all of these crazy advantages in life, yet there are still tons of poor and lower middle class and middle class class people across the entire world. But the second they see someone successful who is white, they claim he’s only successful because he’s a white man. Meanwhile the guy spent from 18-30 years old in university with a 3.9 GPA and then medical school and residency studying 12 hours a day to become a doctor. But he’s a male and white so that HAS to be why he’s more successful. Or the guy who is a prodigy computer programmer who works for google, who spends all day everyday writing code and making new things and learning and has been doing writing code since he was 12 years old. But no that can’t be why he’s financially successful, it has to be because he’s white and a male!!!!

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    First of all, individual differences do exist. Yes. There are some white man that matches those description, but you also should look at the way you look upon feminazis. I can also say: "Why do people claim that feminazis think the reason for a man success is only because he's a man or a white man?"

    I'm not attacking you personally. I am only giving an example how mind can be so biased sometimes based on the information we only have. We should understand that we never know anything at all. 

    And yes, the example you mention about the prodigy, is may be a caused by survivorship bias phenomenon. That's when someone only see the success part of the journey--because that's whats media like to present or society likes to hear.  

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    1 month ago

    That's just the opinion of a very,very small group.

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