M1 Junction 34 Speed Camera?

Hello all,

This morning I was driving along the motorway. The variable traffic system told us to slow down to 40mph, which I began to do. However, I could not slow down quick enough without being a risk to the driver behind me. I was at around 45mph and the camera (on the same framework as the variable traffic sign) flashed. I also passed with other cars so it could have been them as one of them seemed to be going a lot quicker than me. However, if I do get the dreaded letter, surely it is unfair to expect drivers to slow from 60mph to 40mph in such a short time? See the speed camera here: https://www.speedcamerasuk.com/database/YSY/ysy092...

Also, I seemed to only just pass the camera before it flashed. How steep is the camera positioned? Are motorway speed cameras normally facing higher up to capture the registration plates of all drivers?

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